All lessons are tailored to the needs, personality and rhythm of each child. Learning is based on games and playful activities to help them develop important musical skills that are necessary to play the piano and any other instrument.

It is important to be aware that parents play an important role in the musical development of children and need to support practicing at home. It is ideal if parents can be present or be part of our first lessons in order to understand what the child needs to do at home and what the objectives are.
In the beginning, it is advisable to start with a weekly lesson of 30 minutes and regular supervised practice at home. As the child’s interest on the piano grows and there is more need to cover longer repertoire and technique then it is important to consider having two lessons of 30 minutes.

At what age can my child start piano lessons?

That is a tricky but important question! Each child is unique and develops at a unique phase. Children of around 4 years old are motorically  and cognitively ready to start learning to play an instrument and follow individual instrumental lessons,  however it might not be the case for all children. Some might be ready earlier while others not. What is important to follow piano lessons at a young age is that there is support at home, the child follows lessons regularly and that he/she already knows (or is learning)  how to count, name and association of colours.

Piano lessons for young children, consist mainly  of activities to help developing music skills, such as intonation, sense of rhythm and getting to know the geography of the instrument. The best way to know if your young child is ready to have individual music lessons is to let him/her experience a couple of lessons.  Feel free to get in touch to ask for a trial lesson.

School age children are at all meaning ready to start learning to play an instrument !

Prices per Lesson:

30 min= 17,50

45 min= 26,25

60 min= 35,00

10%  off on 17 lessons package and extra 10% off for siblings or a member of the family.  For more information see prices and general conditions.

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