Pregnancy is a very special time in  woman’s life. The baby grows and develops inside you and a special bond starts to be created between you both.  Baby’s perception of sound and vibrations is well developed already in your womb and music and your voice are wonderful for start getting in touch with each other.  These lessons are specially designed for all pregnant woman who  want to sing or play the piano (or both!) . During the lessons we play together (four hands) melodies, songs and free improvisations or you sing your favorite songs accompanied by the piano.  Musical knowledge is an advantage but not required for this activity. Want to give a it a try? Ask for a free try-out lesson.


15 euro for 30 minutes individual lesson to be paid after each lesson


You can book a lesson for  any Friday between 10 and 12 hrs. This time is not possible for you? Get in touch and let’s check all the possibilities

You can start and stop the lessons at any date you need