Lessons for adults are 100% personalized and with flexible schedules. During the lessons we learn music notation, theory, piano technique and different styles of music. We also learn the basics of improvising and playing by chords. For adults one lesson a week of 45 minutes can already give excellent results if good practicing is involved at home. A 60 minutes lesson every two weeks does well in adults that have already some musical background.

Participating in class recitals and playing for other classmates is encouraged as well as joining group study days.

Adults can choose to come at a regular time every week or to follow  booking system where they can book lessons via online. If you are for example in a very irregular working schedule but want to learn to play the piano, then this system is for you! It costs the same as the regular lessons.

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Prices per Lesson:

30 min= 17,50

45 min= 26,25

60 min= 35,00

10%  off on 17 lessons package and extra 10% off for siblings or a member of the family.  For more information see prices and general conditions.