1. It is possible to have only 1 trial lesson for free with exception to children younger than 4.
  2. The lessons are given on the same weeks as the school calendar in Groningen (see calendar)
  3. Payments can be 1) Per semester and each semester includes 17 lessons. The total amount can be paid in 6 monthly payments or in one single payment. Whether paying the full amount in once or in payments, students taking lessons for a full semester receive 10% discount. 2) In the end of each month and only for the lessons that were taken and previously agreed. This option is recommended for those students who are not sure about taking piano lessons for a long period.
  4. It is possible to stop with the lessons at any moment. When paying per month or paying in one single payment, there is only a refund when 1) the student notifies the teacher three weeks in advance, 2) the student has taken minimum 8 lessons.  In case the teacher is unable o teach or  the student is unable to attend lessons due to sickness then the remaining amount will be paid back  to the students. In other situations different than the described above there will not be a refund
  5. Missed lessons due to the student’s absence are missed and not refund. However, it is possible to replace a missed lesson upon agreement but only when 1) The teacher has an available spot within the teaching hours and 2) The student notifies the teacher at least 1 day before the day of the regular lesson.
  6. Lessons missed due to the teacher’s absence that were not replaced within the lessons period of the student are refund 100% in the end of the semester or discounted for future lessons.
  7. Parents are responsible for bringing and picking up their children on time for the lesson. It is important to be punctual as other children may start lessons immediately after.
  8. The teacher is responsible for the well being of the child only during the time of the lesson.
  9. Parents bringing other children are welcome to wait inside but must take full responsibility for the behavior of the children and their well being.
  10. Pets are not allowed inside
  11. Food and drinks are not allowed in the piano room.